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Single (cantonal) health insurance scheme

The Swiss electorate clearly rejected the initiative to introduce a single health insurance scheme nationwide in the referendum of 28 September 2014. The 61.8 per cent 'No' votes are a clear endorsement of the competition-based healthcare system. Shortly after the referendum, some politicians spoke out in favour of creating a single cantonal health insurer. In particular, the FRC (Fédération Romande des Consommateurs, a consumer organisation) looked into the matter. However, after launching consultation proceedings in autumn 2016, it came to the conclusion that the time was not yet ripe for such a move. CSS rejects the idea of a single health insurance scheme for all Switzerland – as well as at the national and regional level. Under a system monopolised by a single general health insurer, the insured persons would lose the possibility afforded them by law of changing health insurance, which would equate to losing their freedom of choice. Moreover, the competition to establish a good and efficient quality of service would also be lost, to the disadvantage of all insured persons.