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Inter-generational solidarity

The annual rise in health insurance premiums places an ever greater financial burden on children, young people, young adults and families in particular. The current financial situation in the cantons also means that cuts are being made to premium reductions in many cantons, which has further financial consequences, above all, for families. These developments place a great strain on solidarity between the generations. For this reason, future models with the potential to ease the financial burden for families and young people are being discussed in the political arena. CSS shares the view that inter-generational solidarity is being stretched to the limit under the current system. It advocates solutions that will allow young insured persons (aged 19-25) to be granted higher premium discounts. Such a move could be achieved through the risk adjustment mechanism by exempting this group from the solidarity payments to an extent that is yet to be defined. CSS is also pushing for children to be defined as a shared risk pool in their own right to ensure they remain exempt from having to pay solidarity contributions in favour of the other insured persons. However, CSS is not in favour of a discount for the 26-35 age category, as this would lead to an erosion of solidarity within the system coupled with hikes in premiums, which would ultimately entail an unnecessary loss of confidence in the health insurance system.

You can find further information on the topic of solidarity in our publication on health policies "im dialog" 2/2015 (in german).