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CSS Insurance

CSS Group

The CSS Group was founded in 1899 and is headquartered in Lucerne. Drawing on its long and proud tradition, the company insures around 1.76 million individuals. With a premium volume of 6.46 billion Swiss francs, it is one of Switzerland's leading health, accident and property insurers. The CSS Group is the market leader in basic insurance, having earned the trust of 1.39 million people. The company fosters close ties with those it insures, with over 100 agencies throughout Switzerland and some 2,700 staff. CSS produces information that provides guidance and support in all aspects of health and healthcare.


The CSS Group comprises CSS Holding AG and its subsidiaries. CSS Holding AG is not listed on the stock exchange. It is subject to Swiss company law. The CSS Association is the sole shareholder of CSS Holding AG.

CSS Group

Companies offering basic insurance

Four companies within the CSS Group offer mandatory health insurance (basic insurance) under Swiss law. In addition to CSS Kranken-Versicherung AG, these are:

Companies offering supplementary insurance

CSS Versicherung AG and INTRAS Versicherung AG are responsible for providing supplementary insurance.

Company providing group accident insurance

CSS Versicherung AG also offers additional insurance solutions for:

  • group daily sickness indemnity insurance
  • group accident insurance
  • other insurance products under the Federal Insurance Contract Act (VVG), such as private liability and household contents insurance

Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct

Even although it is not a listed company, CSS adheres to corporate governance guidelines and principles. These determine the system of rules regarding organisation, actions and transparency through which the company is controlled and directed. In doing so, it is guided by the “Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance” issued by economiesuisse, the umbrella organisation for the Swiss business sector.

Code of Conduct


CSS was founded in 1899 as a self-help organisation under the name Christlich Soziale Schweiz (Christian Social Switzerland, CSS), in response to Pope Leo XIII's "Rerum Novarum" encyclical, which addressed the emergence of a proletariat from the labouring classes. At the time, CSS viewed its objectives as specifically Christian. There has been little change in its actual purpose in the intervening years: our healthcare system is still based on solidarity, one expression of which is the uniform premium. Regardless of their income, all insured persons have access to healthcare services. In today's world, the values on which CSS Insurance is built, such as the principles of solidarity and fairness, are perceived as separate from basic Christian precepts.