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We're staying at home

And, as your health partner, we support you: with health-related resources that offer helpful advice as well as adding excitement and variety to your day. Stay healthy!

Your fitness. Our exercises.

The pandemic has severely restricted our movement radius. We're not getting enough physical exercise. Together against corona. Let us help you keep fit: with free cardio training sessions, strength exercises and yoga lessons you can do right in your own home. 

Rückentraining zu Hause: Einfach und effektiv per App
KAIA back training app

Back training at home is easy and effective – even without equipment.

What lies behind it
Finnenbahnen in der Schweiz: 5 Outdoor Übungen
Running on a woodchip trail

Especially barefoot, the springy ground is an excellent way to train leg muscles.

Worthwhile exercises

Your health. Our resources.

The situation is unprecedented, and the virus has left many of us feeling uncertain. This change in our lives can throw some people off balance and affect our mood or sleep patterns. Or maybe the restrictions on movement mean our clothes are starting to feel tighter around the waist as we put on weight. Our clients can take advantage of helpful resources for their health – without having to leave the house.

Online sleep training

When we’re stressed, we often don’t sleep well. We can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

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Mann spielt Waldhorn
Online anxiety training

Get effective help for anxiety, worries and panic attacks.

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Change your diet

Learn how to enjoy a varied, balanced and nutritious diet.

How mycoach works

Your aches and pains. Our solution.

Even if you're experiencing musculoskeletal pain, you're probably not able to go to a physiotherapist or orthopaedic specialist at the moment. But you can do something about it yourself at home!

As a health partner, we're responding to the corona crisis by giving our clients 3 months' free access to the medicalmotion app (for iOS and Android). Training videos offer customised exercises to prevent or treat various sources of tension and pain – for example, migraine, swimmer's shoulder, hip pain, arthritis of the knee, bunions and back pain.