Smartwatch as motivational tool

Frau dehnt ihren Oberkörper. Frau dehnt ihren Oberkörper.

Already monitored yourself today? Smartwatches and fitness trackers are hugely popular. Like smartphones, they've become our constant companions.

What are the pros of smartwatches?

Are smartwatches merely a technical gadget or are they useful in pro­mo­ting our health? Studies show that the motivational effect of using self-tracking tools actually does lead to healthier behaviour: for example, people who become more aware of their own exercise tendencies thanks to a fitness tracker are 30% more active on average. Experts believe that the use of new tech­no­lo­gies will shape tomorrow's healthcare, from prevention right through to treatment.

Tracking motivates

As a first step, it's important to wear the smartwatch and gather data. Analysing this data completes the second step: how much we move, how long we rest or sleep for, etc. This awareness motivates us to get more exercise or helps us to sleep better, therefore improving our quality of life.

Which smartwatch is right for you?

The range of smartwatches and fitness bracelets is wide. This makes it all the more essential to think about what's important to you before buying.

Tips before you buy:

  • What data do I want to monitor? Only movement, or also sleep, heart rate and nutrition?
  • Is it enough to just measure fitness data, or do I also want to phone, navigate with it, etc.?
  • How important is precise measurement?
  • Which smartphone/tablet does my wearable have to be compatible with?
  • What budget do I have?
  • How long should the battery last?
  • Do I want to wear it on my wrist or tuck it away in my pocket?
  • Which brand do people around me use?
  • Do I want to compare my data with my friends?

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