Street Racket: what the game’s all about


Street Racket brings the sports field to your own home. We asked Street Racket founder Marcel Straub why he's so excited about the game and who it's designed for.

Interview with Street Racket founder

We asked Street Racket founder Marcel Straub why so many people and experts are excited about the game and who it's designed for.

How did you come up with Street Racket?

During a charitable mission to promote exercise and education on the island of Dominica, we had to improvise due to a lack of infrastructure. The mission was actually to introduce table tennis, but there were no tables provided. So we started to paint the playing fields directly on the street – and the first version of today's concept was created. This first version was already a lot of fun so, back in Switzerland, we developed the game to its current form.

Street Racket seeks to raise the number of people engaging in physical activity. Especially in this difficult time of the pandemic, exercise is perhaps more important than ever.
Marcel Straub, Street Racket founder

Who is Street Racket designed for?

Basically, Street Racket is designed for all ages and all levels of play. The simple rules of the game ensure that you can play successful, fluid rallies right from the start and want to stay on the ball. Street Racket is all about ball control and the fun of playing, not about hitting hard or athletic prowess. Anyone can join in and get their daily dose of exercise and sport on their doorstep or indoors, without any great starting problems. The exercises vary in intensity and complexity, meaning that the game can be played alone, in pairs, or in smaller or larger groups.

Marcel Straub founded Street Racket with his wife Rahel. Together with his wife and their four children, the passionate squash player and sports teacher regularly plays Street Racket at home or when out and about.

Where can you play Street Racket?

One of the great advantages of Street Racket is that you can draw the field yourself within seconds. Therefore, because the size of the fields adapts flexibly to any available space, Street Racket can be played almost anywhere. And, because the game is played with controlled movements and light and soft material, any location you can think of will do: playground, backyard, garage, hobby room, or any corridor or parking space, roof terrace or even just your living room – and it takes no time to get there.

What is Street Racket good for?

Because Street Racket gets the whole body moving, it trains the cardiovascular system. The long rallies intensify this effect and also develop your reaction, orientation and balance skills.

The beauty of Street Racket is that you can play it regardless of your constitution, ability or previous experience.
Marcel Straub, Street Racket founder

What do you need to play Street Racket?

The playing material for Street Racket is available as a set for 2 players (2 rackets) or as a team set (24 rackets) and includes 2 rackets, 2 balls and chalk to draw the field. The sets are handmade in the community workshops Stöckenweid Meilen and Startrampe Wetzikon. If you want to make your own rackets, you can have the raw material, including assembly instructions and rules of the game, delivered to you at home.

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