10 motivational tips for losing weight

10 Motivations-Tipps zum Abnehmen

Have you lost some weight already? Are you close to getting into those too-tight jeans? Read our tips for reaching your feel-good weight.

1. Set realistic goals

Aim only for what you can actually achieve. A good goal is clearly formulated, attractive, realistic and positive. Also set yourself interim goals and move step by step in the right direction. After all, setting goals that are too high will only create unnecessary frustration if you fail.

2. Think positively

Believe in yourself! Boost your ego – tell yourself “I can do this!”. Moaning, complaining or looking for excuses are the biggest motivational killers of all. Pay conscious attention to your thoughts and try to frame them positively.

3. Tell your friends

Get family members and friends on board. Tell them about your achievements and your self-doubts. Challenge those around you to motivate you and swap those much-loved afternoons spent sitting with a friend in a café for a long walk. And who knows, you may soon find like-minded people.

4. Healthy diet

Eating a light diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit will put you on a direct course to your feel-good weight – with super-high energy levels for free. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, also in the cold seasons. Avoid carbohydrates as much as possible or switch to whole-grain varieties. Drink plenty of water: it will fill your stomach and you’ll eat less.

5. Sport – not snacks

The most effective distraction is exercise. This burns calories and staves off hunger. Stress eaters in particular benefit doubly from sport. Try out different types of sports, vary how you train, get professional help, join a sports club or find partners to train with. No matter what you do, the main thing is to move!

6. Move in your everyday life

Forget the lift, get off the bus one or two stops earlier, use your lunch break for a walk or do some strength training in front of the TV. With a little imagination, you can incorporate a lot of exercise into your daily routine. This not only keeps your body fit, but is also a valuable boost for the immune system.

7. Reward yourself

You’ve reached an interim goal? WELL DONE! It’s important that you celebrate your successes. This also boosts your motivation. When defining your goals, write a reward after each goal or hang a picture with the reward above your desk.

8. Have fun!

Does losing weight mean missing out all the time? No! Have fun while losing weight:

  • Listen to an audio book or music while jogging or walking
  • Buy something healthy that you’ve never tried before and see how it tastes
  • Try new types of sport

9. Your health – probably the most important reason

Your health is grateful: if you weigh less, your risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke and even cancer decreases. Less weight is also better for bones and joints.

10. Get started!

Define your goals, eat healthily, exercise.... Don't get stumped preparing to lose weight. Just get started – step by step.

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