Lemon in the morning works wonders

Zitrone am Morgen wirkt Wunder Zitrone am Morgen wirkt Wunder

Living healthily can sometimes be hard work: regular sport, healthy eating and getting lots of sleep are just some of the many things that are good for our health. We have a simple tip for getting your day off to a healthy start.

A glass of warm lemon water boosts the immune system, has an alkalising effect, aids digestion, stimulates the brain and provides a welcome kick to your overall well-being.

Lemon water is quick to make

  • press ½ lemon
  • mix the juice with 250 ml lukewarm water, adding honey or stevia if desired
  • best drunk first thing in the morning after getting up

The lemon water should not be made too hot, otherwise valuable vital substances are lost.

Little effort – great effect

A glass of lemon water is quick to make and can work wonders.

For better digestion

Warm lemon water helps the stomach to break down food and also stimulates the formation of bile in the liver. The digestion is gently regulated and lemon can help against constipation as well as diarrhoea.

Cleaning the kidneys and protecting joints

Lemon juice contains a high level of citrate – which can prevent kidney stones and gallstones.


Lemon water has a slightly diuretic effect and can thus help excrete harmful and toxic substances with the urine.

Deacidifying the body

Hard to believe, as it tastes so sour, yet lemon is said to have an alkalising effect. At least that's if you believe the acid-alkaline theory. Lemon water is therefore a good way to compensate if you have eaten a lot of meat the day before or if you are over-acidified from other foods and stimulants.

Does lemon water even prevent cancer?

The white flesh of citrus fruits contains flavonoids, which are assumed to slow down aging processes and reduce the risk of cancer.

Lemon water hydrates the body

Lemon water supplies the body with vital fluids and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium as well as traces of iron and vitamin A.

Vitamin C – a boost for the immune system

As lemons are rich in vitamin C, lemon water has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect and helps the body defend itself against infections. However, vitamin C is very sensitive to heat, so it is also worth drinking cold lemon water.

Breath freshener

Lemon juice freshens the breath, fights bacteria in the mouth and helps if you have gum inflammation.

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