Sage for sweating

Salbei gegen Schwitzen. Unser Hausmittel Tipp Salbei gegen Schwitzen. Unser Hausmittel Tipp

Our latest home remedy tip is especially useful at this time of year, when it starts to get warmer again. Sage helps for sweating and hot flushes, among other things.

Sage has the following properties...

  • antibacterial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiperspirant
  • diuretic
  • antispasmodic

Sage helps for...

  • heartburn
  • hot flushes
  • sweating
  • sore throat
  • toothache

Sage tea

For hot flushes, menopausal symptoms or stomach ache: Pour hot water over 1-2 teaspoons of sage leaves and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

Never drink more than three cups a day. You should only drink sage tea when your health requires it. Do not drink sage tea during pregnancy, and avoid using it for long periods of time.

Sage tea gargle

For sore throats or toothache, let the tea infuse for 10-15 minutes then gargle with it several times a day.

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