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Digital back exercises

Back pain can have many causes: bad posture, carrying too much weight or a lack of exercise, for example. We provide help in the form of a simple, yet effective therapy: the Kaia app combines physiotherapy exercises with relaxation techniques. It also gives you access to educational modules about back pain and how to treat it.

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The advantages for you

  • Training is not tied to any particular time or place.
  • The exercise plan is tailored to you and your needs.
  • You learn relaxation techniques.
  • Knowledge tips explain how pain arises and is treated.
  • You get answers and motivation tips via the chat function.

Good to know

Scientifically proven
Studies show that the Kaia app training programme reduces back pain.
Developed by experts
The digital back workout was developed in collaboration with leading medical professionals.

How it works

The Kaia app is free for all users for the first week. After that, we’ll pay your subscription charges for three months if you have supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS or Intras. 

Simply order a licence code from our CSS health coaches and enter it directly in the app.

Kaia app

If you have technical questions, you can get help directly from:

Download the app: Google Play Store App Store