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Living better with heart failure

When the heart grows weaker, it can limit the activities we are able to do. CARE4CARDIO® gives you confi­dence in managing the disease and helps prevent your condition from deteriorating.

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The advantages for you

  • Experts provide you with personal advice and support.
  • Your symptoms are monitored daily.
  • You learn a lot about your illness and gain more control.
  • You can often avoid having to go to hospital.

Good to know


You will be given an electronic scale and interactive monitoring device.

Everyday security

The monitoring device will ask you five standard questions about typical symptoms every day.

No substitute for a doctor

CARE4CARDIO® complements your doctor’s advice, but is not intended as a substitute.

Free of charge for you

If you have supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS.

How the programme works

Personal service

Experienced healthcare professionals provide you with support by phone. You check your weight daily and answer questions about your symptoms on the device that you're given as part of the programme. That way, early warning signals can be detected, thus helping prevent your condition from deteriorating and allowing you to take measures at an early stage.

The offer is only available in German.

Simply sign up

Look on the Swiss Heart Foundation website (in German) to see whether you have symptoms of heart failure.

To sign up, complete the consent form (PDF in German) and send it to Health Care Systems GmbH (HCSG).

Frequently asked questions

The ability to detect changes in your symptoms at an early stage gives you assurance and helps keep you out of hospital. What's more, the one-to-one conversations help you gain a better understanding of the disease and thus stabilise your condition.

Yes. This offer is free of charge if you have supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS Versicherung AG.

At the start of the programme you'll be given a scale and a tablet with a pre-installed app. You answer the daily ques­tions on this device. It's really easy to use.

CSS offers the CARE4CARDIO® pro­gramme for heart failure together with its partner Health Care Systems Schweiz GmbH.

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