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High blood pressure

High blood pressure is sneaky. You don’t feel ill or have any outward symptoms, yet it can still have serious consequences. We’ve partnered with TopPharm pharmacies to offer you comprehensive advice. You’ll get tips on how to lower your blood pressure and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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The advantages for you

  • You get tips on what specific changes you can make to your lifestyle.
  • We answer your questions about blood pressure medication.
  • You receive a CHF 60 contribution towards a sensor device or a cardiovascular check.
  • You can get advice without arranging an appointment.

Good to know

What is blood pressure?
Blood pressure describes the force that your heart uses to pump blood around your body with each beat.
Lower the risk
Effective treatment can lower the risk of complications and secondary diseases.
Not a substitute for a doctor
High blood pressure counselling complements your doctor’s advice, but is not intended as a substitute.

How it works

This type of counselling is available in around 130 TopPharm pharmacies throughout Switzerland. If you have Medical Costs Insurance with CSS or Intras, the advice is provided free of charge. Simply sign up now. Your CSS health coach will check whether counselling is suitable for you and talk you through the process.

The programme is currently only available in German.

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