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Bowel cancer prevention

Bowel cancer is the third most common form of cancer in Switzerland. The risk of developing it increases from age 50. If bowel cancer is detected early enough, it can often be cured. That’s why screening is very important. Together with pharmaSuisse, the Swiss Pharmacists' Association, we offer a simple risk test.

The advantages for you

  • By identifying bowel cancer at an early stage, you increase the chances of treating it successfully.
  • We will pay a share of the cost of your consultation and stool test.
  • You don’t need to make an appointment for the initial consultation at the pharmacy.

Good to know

How bowel cancer arises
Benign growths can turn into malignant tumours.
Simple risk check
Test your risk of bowel cancer by answering a questionnaire at your pharmacy.
From what age?
Regular bowel cancer screening generally makes sense from age 50.

How it works

Go to one of the participating pharmacies. The pharmacist will use a questionnaire to check your personal risk of bowel cancer. Then you will either be given a stool test that you can do at home, or the pharmacist will recommend that you make a doctor's appointment. The pharmacist will discuss the results of the stool test, as well as any further steps, with you personally.