Checking bills

Please check bills from doctors, hospitals and other service providers carefully. If you find a mistake, let us know immediately. By carefully checking the bills you receive as a patient, you can help to avoid unnecessary costs – and have a positive effect on your premiums.

Checking your medical bills

Only you can tell whether certain information on your bill is correct. That’s why we ask you to check whether all of the following points are correct on each bill:



  1. Personal details (A): are your date of birth and address correct?
  2. Attending service provider (B): is the service provider who treated you stated correctly?
  3. Reason for treatment (C): what prompted the treatment: illness, accident, maternity or preventive health measures?
  4. Date (D): is the date of treatment correct?
  5. Rate code + units (E): describes the nature and quantity of items that are being billed:
    1. Check the medication item: are the pack size and the number of packs you received correct?
    2. Check the length of treatment: does the time given correspond roughly to the total duration of your treatment?
    3. Check the aids item: were you given a whole pack, or just one bandage?

Submitting bills

What to do when you receive a doctor’s or hospital bill

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