Frau in der Massage

Massage – check the benefits

Massages can work wonders. CSS pays a share of the cost.

We’ll cover a share of the costs

A massage relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and calms the nervous system. If you feel back pain, a massage will often quickly relieve the symptoms and make you feel better.

We’ll pay a share of the cost of your medical or classic massage if you have myFlex Alternative Insurance with us. How much we contribute depends on your insurance. 

Good to know

Benefits under basic insurance
Basic insurance doesn’t cover any costs for medical or classic massages.
All-round protection
myFlex Alternative Insurance gives you access to treatment with alternative methods such as massage.
Save 25%
Insure your children under myFlex Alternative Insurance and pay 25% lower premiums.

Benefits check for massages Benefits check for massages

myFlex Alternative Insurance


The right choice for closing gaps.

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Additional benefits at a fair price.

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Optimum protection giving you all-round security.

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75%, max. CHF 200
per calender year
75%, max. CHF 600
per calender year
75%, max. CHF 2000
pre calender year

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