Medical advice – Here for you 24/7

As your health partner, we are always on hand to provide advice and support. Call our telemedicine centre, use the myGuide digital tool or take advantage of one of our helpful offers covering every aspect of your health.

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Online anxiety training

Get effective help for anxiety, worries and panic attacks.

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Is surgery really necessary?

Get a free second opinion – it’s fast and straightforward.

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Find the best hospital

CSS’s hospital comparison tool helps you choose. 

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CSS Docfinder

Are you looking for a new doctor? We help you search.

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Vorbereitung auf eine OP

Unser Fragebogen hilft Ihnen, sich umfassend auf eine Operation vorzubereiten.

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Care Management

Your personal point of contact is here to help in difficult situations.

How we support you
Preventive care recommendation

Get a recommendation as to which tests you should have.

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Private Assistance

Benefit from a wholly personalised advice and support service.

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Besprechung Check-up

How healthy are you? A check-up gives you a picture of your current state of health.

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Kind beim Impfen

Getting certain vaccinations protects you and those closest to you.

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Mail-order pharmacy

Have your medication delivered and save money.

How to benefit

Find out more about medication and what costs we cover.

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Medical aids

Find out when CSS pays for the aids you need.

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Change your nutrition

Not a diet. But a simple way to learn how to eat in a varied and balanced manner.

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A step that pays off

myStep rewards your physical activity – every day.

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High blood pressure – what now?

Our free consultation will answer your questions and provide support.

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Bowel cancer prevention

We support the early detection of bowel cancer.

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Fall prevention

Many factors increase the risk of falling. Get advice in your own home.

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Pain or tension?

The 15-minute exercise videos in the medicalmotion app help relieve pain and tension.

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Do you suffer from asthma?

We can give you all the advice you need on asthma and help you breathe more freely.

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Online skin check

Get an expert answer to your skin problem within 48 hours.

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Acute allergic reactions

If you have severe allergies, our training sessions equip you to cope in an emergency.

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Neurodermitis-Schulung für Kinder und Eltern
Itching in children

We help your child cope better with neurodermatitis and provide tips.

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Asthma courses

Group tuition and camps in cooperation with the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre.

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Should I go to the doctor or not?

myGuide checks your medical symptoms and gives you advice.

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