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Collect points with active365

The active365 app rewards you for leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's nutrition, exercise, mindfulness or mental health – you'll collect valuable points through active use of the app.

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The advantages for you

  • Find out more about your health through videos, articles, coaching advice and quizzes.
  • Programmes are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals.
  • By actively using the app, you'll collect valuable points (activePoints).
  • You can convert the activePoints you collect into CHF 500 or more a year.
  • The active365 app makes it easy for you to keep track of your personal goals and progress.
  • Measure yourself against others and challenge your friends.

Good to know

WHO and the Federal Office of Sport recommend getting 150 minutes of exercise a week.
Mental health and mindfulness have a significant impact on our well-being.
Nutrition & knowledge
A balanced diet and health-related knowledge help you to live a healthy life.
Data privacy
Your data is secure when using active365. CSS cannot access your personal data.

How it works

Collect points with active365 (in german).

How to benefit – it couldn’t be easier.

  • Do you have a smartphone?
    Benefit from extensive knowledge, videos, articles, coaching advice and quizzes.
  • Do you have supplementary insurance with CSS?
    Then you can collect points for your activities and redeem them at enjoy365, have them paid out or donate them.

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The active365 app works on smartphones and tablets with iOS 10 and Android 5.0. or later operating systems.

Tip: The active365 app is only available in the Google Play Stores or App Stores in Switzerland. You may have to change your country settings in order to download it.

Health initiative from CSS

Committed to your health

active365 is one of the ways CSS supports you as a health partner. For a healthy lifestyle, 365 days of the year.

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Frequently asked questions

My tracker isn't supported by active365. What can I do?

Even if the tracker isn't displayed in the list on the app, it's highly likely that your steps can be measured. You simply need to take a small detour via the Google Fit (android) or Apple Health (for iPhone) app.

Google Fit and Apple Health can then be selected as tracking apps in the usual way. See instructions on connecting to Apple Health or Google Fit.

Is active365 free of charge?

Yes, active365 is free.

Can videos be downloaded from active365 and watched offline?

Not at the moment as it would use up too much storage space on your smartphone.

What is a challenge?

There are different kinds of challenges. There are pre-set monthly challenges. Users are given a specific goal (e.g. to reach 10,000 steps) that must be achieved within a specific period of time. In addition, users can set their own challenges and challenge friends. Photo challenges are another form of challenge. Here, a specific task has to be performed and photographic evidence submitted.

What reasons are there for a challenge not being displayed?

There can be one or more reasons why a challenge is not immediately visible in the «Challenges» tab:

  •  Reason 1: Several challenges are already under way and the one you're looking for is not immediately visible.
    You'll most likely find the challenge in the second tab. Swipe the picture of the first challenge to the left to see the second challenge.
  • Reason 2: The challenge is finished.
    Challenges only run for a certain time. You can see how much time is left for a challenge at the top of the «Challenges» tab by tapping on the small clock.
  • Reason 3: The challenge hasn't started yet.
    Future challenges should already appear in the «Challenges» tab. However, a challenge that has already been announced e.g. by email might not yet have been created. In this case, you should check again at a later time.
  • Reason 4: You can't see a personal challenge.
    Personal challenges can only be seen by the person who creates them unless the creator shares the challenge with someone else and that person takes up the invitation.

What fitness trackers can be connected to active365?

Internal smartphone trackers

Most smartphones have inbuilt sensors that enable them to recognise and measure activities such as steps and running or cycling distances. So, a separate (external) tracker (e.g. fitness armband or smartwatch) is not absolutely necessary. Tracking apps supported by active365:

  • Apple Health
  • Google Fit
External trackers

External trackers means fitness armbands, smartwatches or bike computers that also record activities and can be synchronised with a smartphone. Trackers supported by active365:

  • Garmin
  • Fitbit
  • Withings
  • Polar 

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