The CSS Group’s key figures at a glance

The CSS Group publishes a comprehensive annual report each spring and releases information on the Group and its individual companies' key results for the year.

Annual report

Group figures as of 31.12.2019

Amounts in CHF million

Earned premiums for own account 6'519
Claims and benefit expenses for own account –5'903
KVG risk compensation 54,2
Net result
of which KVG 80,6
of which VVG 114,5
of which other 10,0
Investment performance 8,8%
Claims ratio1 KVG 94,6%
Cost ratio2 KVG 4,0%
Combined Ratio3 Group 97,4%
Combined RatioKVG 98,6%
Combined Ratio3 VVG/UVG 93,2%
Number of insured persons 31.12.2019 1'783'195
Number of KVG insured persons* 31.12.2019 1'407'387
Number of OKP 31.12.2019 404'645
Number of HMO insured persons 31.12.2019 299'389
Number of Family doctor insured persons 31.12.2019 452'563
Number of Telemedecine model Callmed 31.12.2019 250'790
Number of employees
Full-time positions

* As of 1 January 2020, CSS loses 8693 policyholders for mandatory basic insurance cover by comparison with 1 January 2019.

1 Administration costs as a percentage of premiums
2 Administration costs as a percentage of premiums
3 Insurance expense and administration costs as a percentage of premiums