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SwissHealth Ventures: digital, innovative, personal.

SwissHealth Ventures invests in start-ups whose ideas set the course for a high quality, cost-effective healthcare system.

Our focus

Who we are

SwissHealth Ventures AG is a member of the CSS Group, Switzerland's leading health insurer. We are the ideal health partner for ambitious start-ups in the field of digital health.

With the support of Redstone, an experienced venture capital partner, our industry expertise facilitates agile, sustainable growth.

What we offer

In addition to our breadth and depth of expertise, we provide support for digital health business models without getting involved in the day-to-day operations.
Thanks to our lean, agile decision-making processes, we can help start-ups achieve their next milestones quickly and without complications.
Market closeness
Our strong network within the Swiss healthcare system facilitates rapid market access.
Some 1.8 million people trust CSS. We can capitalise on this basis and substance to give start-ups a competitive edge in terms of trust.

Our investment focus

We invest in start-ups that are seeking to create synergies with the CSS Group and have new digital technologies that move healthcare forward. Targeted investments support our aim of helping people to stay healthy, become healthy or live with illness. We also focus on digital solutions that generate an immediate efficiency gain for health insurers in their core business.

How we operate

  • Volume
    SwissHealth Ventures makes its investments in accordance with the customary venture capital standards. The amount invested in each start-up should generally be in the range of CHF 0.5 to 4 million. That means our investment in any start-up is generally less than 20%.
  • Phase
    We are looking for start-ups in the growth phase. In other words, we invest in series A and series B rounds. Ideally, the company will have been established at least two to three years ago and already have notched up its first successes. These include market launches, paying customers and significant growth.
  • Region
    We are concentrating on European start-ups whose products and services are relevant to the Swiss healthcare market or aim to become so.

We are shaping the digital health of the future in the following areas:

More efficiency thanks to new technologies

Being insured

  • Digital health insurance
  • Communication and marketing
  • Patient rep. outcomes
  • Corporate infrastructure
  • Digitalisation and efficiency gains in health insurance

Lifestyle and wellness innovations

Staying healthy

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Self-tracking
  • Mental health
  • Independent living in old age

Digitally supported recovery

Becoming healthy

  • Telemedicine
  • Online appointment-booking
  • Early detection
  • Communication with service providers

Support for chronic illnesses

Living with illness

  • Chronic care
  • Patient monitoring
  • Coordination of care
  • Extended diagnosis
  • Specific therapy

Get Funded

Does your start-up fit our investment criteria? And are there potential synergies with the CSS Group? Then we look forward to hearing from you.



OnlineDoctor allows skin problems to be assessed quickly and cost-effectively, no matter where you are, by an independent specialist licensed in Switzerland. Patients receive a specialist assessment, including a recommendation for action, via a web-based platform within 48 hours. SwissHealth Ventures invested in this Swiss telemedicine start-up in 2020 as lead investor in the series A round (which raised a total of around CHF 5.5 million in funding from all investors).

CSS has already made this service a fixed part of its offering, where it is known as the «online skin check». The uncomplicated skin check by Swiss dermatologists contributes to digital integrated care.


Pregnolia has developed a device that supports the diagnosis of premature birth. It enables gynaecologists to measure cervical tissue stiffness more precisely and thus make a better assessment of the risk of premature birth. SwissHealth Ventures invested in the ETH spin-off in 2020 as lead investor in the series A round (which raised a total of CHF 4.2 million in funding from all investors).

SwissHealth Ventures believes in the success of the Pregnolia measurement system and its ability to provide great reassurance to professionals and pregnant women. We also believe that this method will reduce healthcare costs in the long term.

CSS Group. Your health partner.

Investments that benefit those insured with us

CSS is an advocate of high quality, cost-efficient care in the future. As a health partner, therefore, it invests in innovative start-ups that seek to give insured persons access to the medical care of the future through new digital services. The CHF 50 million made available for this comes from the surpluses from the supplementary insurance business.

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