CSS Quality Crystal

12 September 2018 | Thank you for your interest in our event, and for taking part! We were delighted to have you join us. We’ve put together photos of all the winners and a few other pictures for you.

The winners of the first CSS Quality Crystal

With its CSS Quality Crystal award, CSS has recognised outstanding achievements in quality, sustainability and transparency for the first time. The award was presented to players in the Swiss healthcare sector who have achieved a top position in various metrics.

We recognised a total of seven winners in four different categories:

  • Clinique des Grangettes, Geneva (acute hospital) and Klinik Adelheid, Unterägeri (rehabilitation clinic)

  • Acute hospital: University Hospital Zurich
  • Rehab clinic: Reha Seewis
  • Psychiatry: Privatklinik Meiringen

  • Sanacare AG group practices

  • Hygienics.ch GmbH, Pratteln