CSS Quality Crystal 2022

Quality Crystal award ceremony

On 22 September 2022, we presented our Quality Crystal award to outstanding and innovative stakeholders in the healthcare system for the third time.

Award categories

As part of our own efforts to survey quality, we presented awards to actors in the Swiss healthcare sector who came out top in the following categories.

Patient Satisfaction Hospitals

  • Klinik Pyramide am See

Patient Satisfaction Rehabilitation

  • Klinik Im Hof

Assessment Medical Network

  • mediX winterthur

We recognised a total of 6 winners

Special award

Special prizes were awarded to innovative healthcare projects. The focus lay on improvements that increase the quality of medical or nursing service provision, boost sustainability and are highly effective. Here are the winners in the Special Award categories:

Coordinated innovative care


Home Care

  • Spital Zollikerberg

Improving patient literacy regarding health, disease and the healthcare system

  • Kantonsspital St. Gallen