Diagnosis: inpatient. Treatment: outpatient.

4 April 2019 | The wide range of speeches, informative presentations and lively discussions confirmed just how multifaceted the burning issue of “outpatient, not inpatient” actually is.

Street interviews where our clients were given the chance to air their views revealed that they are equally concerned about the issues raised by our chosen subject.

Texts presented by artist Gerhard Meister showed that it is possible to sum up the issue with a humorous and critical approach.

Analysis of current challenges and review of past events both demonstrate that progress – both medical and technological – is one of the key drivers in our industry. And no one really wants to live without the medical advances we have achieved thus far. However, the challenges that come with progress can only be tackled effectively if all stakeholders come together and take part in a constructive exchange of views. That's why we'd like to thank you for your interest and for taking part in our event! We were delighted to have you join us.

Looking for something? You can find all the presentations and photos from our event here.