Get connected

Would you like to use EDI to exchange data digitally? Allow us to explain the next steps and requirements.

Explained step by step

  1. You agree the XML standard, tariff and provider with us.
  2. Together, we plan the connection and prepare for the pilot phase and approval.
  3. Once points 1 and 2 have been taken care of, you can start sending your documents in digital format.
  4. We'll continue to provide support after the connection has been set up, in case you have any questions or anything is unclear.

Requirements for connecting to EDI

To ensure everything runs smoothly, you need to meet the following requirements for connection:

  • Your software must be configured by your software partner and connected to MediData or medidoc
  • Valid GLN code
    • GLN CSS 7601003001082
    • Test GLN CSS 2099988870314
    • When exchanging data digitally, the GLN (Global Location Number) identifies each participant in the exchange: i.e. the sender and recipient as well as the intermediary and the correct payer (insurer).
  • Valid tariff
  • Test transmission to payer

Do you have any questions?

You'll find some answers to your questions about EDI in our FAQs.