Get connected

Would you like to submit bills electronically? Good choice! Here's what happens next.

What you need to set up a smooth EDI connection

  • Valid ZSR number / EAN number
  • XML standard in accordance with Forum Datenaustausch
  • Valid tariff (depending on service provider type)
  • XML bills sent via MediData
  • Tiers payant billing
  • Compliance with data protection, data security and protocol requirements is required in order to protect clients.

Next steps

  1. Contact us or give us a call on 0844 277 777.
  2. Joint preparation and planning for setting up the connection, pilot phase and approval.
  3. The connection goes live. We continue to provide technical support if you have any questions or anything is unclear.

EAN numbers

Within electronic data interchange, the EAN (European Article Number) or GLN (Global Location Number) identifies each party involved in the data exchange: sender, recipient, intermediary and the correct payer (insurer).

Invoice sender Service provider EAN number
XML 4.5: invoice: transport from XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Intermediary MediData EAN number
XML 4.5: invoice: via 7601001304307
Invoice recipient EAN number of CSS; Arcosana; INTRAS
XML 4.5: invoice: transport to 7601003001082 for CSS
7601003010107 for Arcosana
7601003000498 for INTRAS
Insurance provider EAN number of CSS; Arcosana; INTRAS
XML 4.5: invoice: insurance ean_party 7601003001082 for CSS
7601003010107 for Arcosana
7601003000498 for INTRAS

Our partner MediData

CSS practices single channelling with MediData, a long-standing, successful actor in the Swiss healthcare system.

MediData is an IT service provider specialising in electronic health services in Switzerland and neighbouring regions. Thanks to its network, MediData enables end-to-end electronic billing of services and the secure exchange of medical information.