Hospitals & clinics

Insurers work very closely with inpatient service providers. We are constantly thinking of ways we can improve or build on these links.

Rehabilitation coordi­nation

When one of our clients requires a stay in hospital or a rehabilitation clinic, CSS's Rehabilitation Coordination unit will work with you, as the hospital or rehabilitation clinic in question, to or­ganise and coordinate further treatment.

The focus is firmly on analysing the care and treatment required by the patient following their inpatient stay. Thanks to this situation analysis, your medical assessment, our knowledge of insurance cover, our respective experiences of healthcare in Switzerland and our networks, we can work together to find the best possible follow-up treatment. This shared vision of what happens next also simplifies many of the administrative steps.

If it turns out that the patient is likely to need some form of support going forward, we can get the CSS Care Management service involved at an early stage.

Joining forces in this way also makes things easier for you, the partner, in many respects – with benefits for our shared clients:

  • Direct contact at CSS
  • Faster «tacit» commitment to provide cover, depending on the form of cooperation
  • Administrative procedures simplified

Tacit commitment to provide cover

Building on successful partnerships characterised by trust, we have established a network of acute hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. Within this network, partners can greatly reduce their administrative effort and optimise their cooperation with the tacit commitment to provide cover for inpatient rehabilitation process.


If you would like to know more about these forms of partnership, we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Clinics abroad

In some cases, rehabilitation clinics just across the border in neighbouring countries offer an alternative to facilities in Switzerland. This gets around any waiting times caused by a shortage of capacity at home. CSS has built up partnerships to that end with rehabilitation clinics in southern Germany. This allows clients who have supplementary hospitalisation insurance (semi-private or private) or myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance (Balance or Premium) to go to a rehabilitation facility just across the border which offers competitive value for money.


Do you have any questions about our partners abroad? Would you like to collaborate with us? We are happy to help.