We answer the most frequently asked questions on electronic billing.

The service provider and health insurer agree on the XML standard, tariff and provider.

Once these points have been defined, the service provider can start sending bills electronically via the XML interface. These will be received electronically by the health insurer. Rejections can also be sent and received through this channel.

In Switzerland, the standards and guidelines required for the exchange of digital data are defined by the Forum Datenaustausch organisation. The Forum’s membership is made up of associations representing the service providers and health insurers. The standards result in agile processes and contain requirements for commitments to provide cover, bills for services and reminders. When data is being transmitted, data security and confidential processing is guaranteed by ISO 27001 and the MediData network, which has DPCO certification.

Alternative standards such as eKarus/Ship and eCH.ch are not supported.

Data protection, data security and protocol requirements are complied with at all times in order to protect clients. Encryption is used accordingly – like in online banking.

Confidential personal data is transmitted via the MediData network and must be protected against unauthorised access. The MediData network meets particularly high standards for security and data protection. Data is exchanged over the internet, and documents are encrypted using SSL technology – in a similar way to online banking.

CSS supports electronic billing under the tiers payant system.

In addition, compliance with data protection, data security and protocol requirements is required in order to protect clients.

There’s no need to print out and send bills. The TARMED limitations no longer apply. The billing process becomes much simpler. Incoming payments can be posted automatically in your own software. Take advantage of these benefits and start sending us your bills electronically now!

To ensure digital bills can be verified correctly, services must be invoiced using a recognised tariff structure. The Forum Datenaustausch provides a complete, up-to-date list of the applicable tariffs.

The following standards are accepted for receipt and reply:

  • Bill for services, reminder and cancellation: generalInvoice XML 4.5
  • Commitment to provide cover: generalCredit XML 4.3
  • Needs report: careCredit XML4.5

Alternative standards such as eKarus/Ship and eCH.ch are not supported.