I like being at home. Even when I'm sick?

"Home care" and "hospital at home" are topical issues within the healthcare industry. As well as exploring various facets of these models, the talks and discussions looked at how they might develop in future and what factors need to be taken into consideration.

After welcoming those attending, our CEO Philomena highlighted the benefits to patients and the opportunities presented by home care in the context of rising healthcare expenditure. This was followed by a discussion with a social scientist analysing the factors that influence the design of the spaces we use in our everyday lives.

Home Care today

Next came presentations on psychiatric home care and Reha@Home projects, followed by an interdisciplinary discussion of the opportunities and risks associated with medical treatment at home.

Home Care of Tomorrow

In the afternoon, we explored three different approaches to the question of who delivers medical care to patients at home: technology, humans or the hospitals themselves? Sanjay Singh, Head of Benefits, Products & Health Services, brought the event to a close with his own view of the topic.

Inputs passers-by

Face-to-face interviews with people on the street have shown that while they welcome the chance to receive treatment at home, they are also sceptical about whether increasing the amount of home care makes sense. They clearly have mixed feelings regarding autonomy and the need for security.

Illustrator Carlo Schneider produced drawings during the event, based on what he heard, providing us with a creative summary of the highlights in pictorial form.

We would like to thank the speakers for their inspirational presentations and the attendees for their curiosity and interest! It was great to be able to meet up again and exchange views in person.