Complementary medicine, tariff 590

Tariff 590 for alternative treatments covers therapies, procedures and techniques with the corresponding billing codes. This tariff ensures that uniform terminology is used for the services that therapists provide.

Guidelines of complementary medicine

The CSS insurance is committed to working in partnership in the healthcare sector. Transparency and professionalism play a central role in this. In the interests of transparency, these guidelines (valid since 1 May 2020) therefore set out important standards and basic considerations.

Tariff 590 is binding

Since 2018, all complementary medical services must be billed in accordance with tariff 590. The tariff may be adjusted at the beginning of each new calendar year. We therefore ask you to keep yourself regularly informed.

In addition, a team of insurers continues to work on the tariff together with the umbrella organisations serving the complementary medical sector in an exchange designed to ensure that the tariff provides optimum cover.

Sample bill

Date Tariff Code Number per 5 min. Rate per 5 min. Tariff point value VAT Amount
02/06 590 1025 Connective tissue massage 4 10 1 0 CHF 40
17/06 590 1066 Lymph drainage 12 10 1 0 CHF 120

Billing form

You can use a single billing form for all health insurers. As the standard, it means you can clearly indicate the services you have provided under tariff 590.

You only need the billing form if you don’t have your own practice management software that meets industry standards.


Do you have any questions about tariff 590? Or do you need any other information about complementary medicine?