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Exchanging data with CSS

EDI (i.e. “electronic data interchange”) enables service providers (doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, care homes, Spitex organisations, etc.) to exchange information electronically with other players in the healthcare sector – such as health insurers.

The advantages for you

  • You save time: digital billing mean less work.
  • You cut costs: you spend less money on administration.
  • We work together faster: processes become more efficient. This means you get paid quicker.
  • Security guaranteed: your data is transmitted in line with the highest data privacy and security standards.

Whether digital billing or exchanging commitments to provide cover online...

...electronic data interchange offers a whole range of benefits. Reduce the time and money spent on administration by sending us your bills digitally. You can do this simply and securely using the Forum Datenaustausch organisation's XML standard.

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It couldn't be easier

You agree the XML standard, tariff and provider with us.

Once these have been defined, you can start submitting your bills electronically. Any rejected bills will also be sent back to you electronically.

Data protection is important to us

When handling the health data of insured persons, CSS is subject to strict data protection regulations. Alongside the provisions of the law, the employees of CSS must additionally comply with internal guidelines on data handling.