Services for your patients

Our clients’ health is important to us. That’s why we go the extra mile for them. We are by their side on their journey through life – whether that involves staying healthy, getting well or living with illness.

We make contributions towards activities that keep our clients fit and healthy, and give them support and guidance in making decisions regarding health and healthcare. We also provide our clients with information on generic medicine and biosimilars.

Some of these services may also be of interest to you as a service provider, both supporting and complementing the treatment you provide.

Care management

As the attending doctor or welfare services unit of a hospital, you work with your patients to plan their discharge and organise follow-up outpatient treatment. Depending on what the follow-up treatment involves and how complex the patient’s overall situation is, support may be required after discharge in order to ensure that treatment continues to deliver results. It is well known that many patients have great difficulty finding their way around the healthcare system.
CSS provides support in this kind of situation through its Care Management service. Acting as a personal point of contact, a specialist clarifies the following points with you and the patient:

  • Is it appropriate or possible for the patient to return home, and what follow-up solutions are available there?
  • Who will support the patient if changes need to be made to Spitex services and/or outpatient therapies?
  • What support can we draw on, and what financing is available?
  • Who will offer relatives, who may struggle, a helping hand?

Successful partnerships

Most patients who need support are contacted directly. However, we also seek to establish systematic partnerships with doctors and hospitals to ensure that any need for support can be identified at an early stage.

The CSS Care Management service already partners successfully with the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, REHAB Basel (clinic for neurorehabilitation and paraplegiology), Cliena Littenheid and Clinica Hildebrand, among others.


Please get in touch with us if you would like to offer your patients our Care Management service.

Health programmes

As a partner in healthcare, we support our clients in many different ways. We offer them services that encourage personal responsibility and health awareness, have a positive impact on their health or are preventative in nature. Offered by a partner-based network of medical service providers, these services are a valuable extension of basic medical care, and are both sustainable and economical.


We partner with a wide variety of providers so that we can offer these services to our clients. Our decision to enter into a cooperation agreement depends on a number of criteria that must be met. In addition to key aspects such as the significance and seriousness of the services being offered, feasibility and data protection, these programmes should be easily accessible to as wide an audience as possible. We do not support services which are already covered by basic insurance, or which are free of charge for other insured persons.

Added value for you

Do you treat patients? The services we offer could also deliver added value for you, as the doctor or therapist providing treatment:

  • Improved compliance on the part of CSS clients
  • Supplementary care in addition to the medical consultation
  • Reduced workload thanks to delegation

Do you offer a service that helps promote health awareness and boost compliance? If so, cooperating with CSS could be of interest:

  • Financial support for your service
  • Increased awareness of your service among CSS clients
  • A boost to your reputation thanks to your partnership with CSS


If you offer an innovative service and would like to look into partnering with CSS, please provide us with a few details and we will be in touch.