Mann verlässt mit Reisetasche Wohnung


In our clients' best interests, we pay particular attention to quality. This means living up to our claim of providing a high-quality service by measuring performance and ensuring transparency.

Measurement and recognition

CSS has been surveying its clients on an ongoing basis since 2015 regarding their satisfaction following a stay in hospital or a rehabilitation clinic. We also analyse a variety of quality indicators that are available to the public. We discuss the findings of our surveys with the service providers concerned and include the issue of quality assurance in our cooperation agreements. We vouch for our partners, who are committed to pursuing continuous, long-term processes to improve the healthcare system. We honour exemplary commitment with an award for quality in healthcare: the Quality Crystal for crystal-clear, transparent quality.

Transparency for our clients

At present, there are only limited options for clients seeking to gain a comprehensive and comprehensible overview of quality in healthcare. CSS therefore presents a range of quality indicators concerning service providers in an easily understandable format – to provide guidance and assist decision-making. Both subjective (CSS patient satisfaction survey) and objective (e.g. ANQ data) figures on quality are published: QualiCheck – acute care hospitals compared.

After all, our clients can only have a say in matter related to their treatment if they have easy access to clear information.