Audits & assessments

Assessments involve a professional-level exchange between the quality managers at the institution in question and our specialists.

Hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, psychiatry, specialist clinics and outpatient surgical centres

They come together to evaluate the institution’s activities with regard to quality. In this way, our partners gain a sound professional assessment of their processes and structures. What particularly positive factors stand out and can be used as best practice for other service providers? Where is there potential for improvement? Our specialists will advise you and suggest what action could be taken.

As part of the ongoing process of quality development, the current CSS criteria were revised and adjusted to the latest technical specifications (assessment version 5.0).


How you benefit: Our specialists carry out thorough research to build up a sound basis of information about your institution before meeting you. This initial picture serves as a starting point. We then obtain further information and discuss specific areas of quality assurance with you in more detail when we visit. Finally, we present you with a report that summarises the outcome and findings of this discussion. The overall result of an assessment will in future be presented according to the CSS quality levels of EXCELLENCE, ADVANCED, BASIC or PRIMARY and can be viewed under «Results».


You can download the results of the assessments that have been carried out. The documents contain information about hygiene, care, quality management and risk management. Hospitals and clinics that have declined to be assessed are included in the list without a rating and with a note to that effect. Institutions that have not undergone assessment in conformity with the standards defined by CSS are also indicated accordingly.

Allocation of quality levels
  • EXCELLENCE: 100-90%
  • ADVANCED: 89-80%
  • BASIC: 79-70%
  • PRIMARY: under 70%

Version 5.0 will be updated to reflect the latest findings during the course of the year.

Nursing homes and Spitex

CSS conducts audits on the basis of its statutory remit and contractual agreements. An audit involves a review of records and verbal feedback. The review of the care files gives you the opportunity for an external examination of the transparency of the mandatory benefits recorded and billed by you.

The subsequent face-to-face meeting lets you highlight your efforts with regard to quality as an outpatient care organisation and exchange views with our specialists. The aim is to gain a picture of how your institution and processes are organised by engaging in a professional-level dialogue. The results of the review of records and discussion with our specialists are summarised in writing and made available to you along with any recommendations that emerge.