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Maurus Zeier joined CSS in 2015. Since then he has held various positions, working in strategy, as assistant to the CFO, and as head of the Collection department. Since 2021, he has been our Head of Asset Management. This development is shaped by his ambition, a healthy dose of confidence and the opportunities that CSS has offered him.

The courage of his convictions

Maurus Zeier was barely 12 years old when the Neue Luzerner Zeitung announced his election as president of the Children's Parliament in December 2002. Even back then he was full of enthusiasm and not afraid of holding his own opinions. When, in 2006, the children were asked what they thought of the eight-million-franc contribution from the city of Lucerne to the university for the new location it was planning at Lucerne railway station, he was the only one to express criticism: the location was too small, he said, and there were no possibilities for expansion. A statement he still subscribes to today.

A diverse background

Growing up in a large family in the city of Lucerne, Maurus learned early on to show consideration for others and to acknowledge different points of view. This is how Maurus still functions as a leader today: “I like to include all perspectives and change my own opinion depending on the situation.” Part of Maurus's nature is to combine the theoretical with the practical. This was already evident at a young age: a passionate rower, he attended the sports high school in Lucerne, but left school early and switched to a commercial apprenticeship, where he gained his vocational baccalaureate.

My young age doesn’t excuse me from responsibility. It also gives me the privilege of learning a lot from other long-serving employees.
Maurus Zeier, Head of Asset Management

Significant input led to responsibility

A similar pattern repeated itself in 2017, when he had already been at CSS for 2 years: Maurus had actually planned to embark on a law degree in St. Gallen. But then he received the offer from CSS to head up the Collection department. Not wanting to let this opportunity pass him by, he instead took a part-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree course at the University of St.Gallen, or HSG for short. This undoubtedly paved the way for his current position as Head of Asset Management, which he has held since March 2021. This is a lot of responsibility at a still young age, the logical consequence of Maurus's exceptional input and foresight.

Significant input led to responsibility
Bridge builder with foresight: Maurus Zeier was able to develop professionally thanks to CSS.

Much more than a number cruncher

It was always clear to Maurus that he wanted to specialise in finance. This doesn’t mean that he can be stereotypically described as a “number cruncher”, just as it’s not enough to see the investment business as an exercise based purely on numbers. Anyone involved in financial investments needs not only specific financial knowledge, but also a broad horizon of interests.

The financial markets are always influenced by world events and by political, economic and social dimensions.
Maurus Zeier, Head of Asset Management

Bridge builder with foresight

Working closely with his superiors, Maurus must represent CSS's interests to asset managers in a credible and competent manner, be familiar with the company's risk capacity and anticipate future scenarios. It’s a kind of internal and external hub function. This also applies to the Collection business, which is still part of his remit. With his open and winning manner, Maurus is completely predestined for all these responsible tasks: a bridge builder with foresight who exudes confidence.

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