Workplace health

CSS is a health partner. For its clients, and also for its staff. It is committed to providing its staff with healthy working conditions and strong health-promoting skills. Because only healthy employees are also motivated employees.

Healthy habits: Balance for Carmen

Healthy habits

4 employees tell us what they do to keep healthy and feel good.

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Commitment to healthy and motivated employees

Our health is our most valuable asset. CSS helps its clients to stay healthy, get healthy or live with a medical condition. The same applies to CSS staff. That’s why we offer help with a range of health-boosting initiatives.

Optimally equipped

Height-adjustable tables and chairs and large curved screens: this is the standard equipment for all workstations at CSS. This means that every CSS employee can connect and work with a personal notebook at any workstation at any location throughout Switzerland. Preferably alternating between standing and sitting – because variety is healthier and prevents medical conditions.

Promoting good mental health

In recent years, the issue of employees’ mental health has steadily risen in importance. CSS addresses the well-being of its employees in various formats. In the area of continuing education, for example, various channels have been created to train employees and, in particular, managers in dealing with matters of mental health. One example is a seminar on self-management and resilience, which 30 employees attend every year.

When it comes to the well-being and health of our employees, we look carefully and want to know where the problems lie. That's why we also conduct a health survey among our staff every year.
Priska Duss Studer, WHM manager/HR specialist

How are you really feeling?

Since 2022, CSS has been working with Moodtalk. Moodtalk is designed to strengthen the culture of trust in a team through open and honest team discussions. The digital platform is quick to point out areas where collaboration can be optimised, or where sensitivities exist, and forms the basis for regular team discussions. As a result, each team defines its rules of collaboration with an individual team charter, changes are monitored and everything is regularly reviewed.

External contact point for counselling

Not all topics are something you want to discuss with your employer. CSS offers a solution for this too. Whether it’s workplace issues, personal concerns, health problems or financial worries – with Movis all CSS employees have access to an external counselling service that provides support in the event of challenges at the workplace or at home. The service is fast, uncomplicated and strictly confidential.