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Integrated healthcare

The Swiss healthcare system faces major challenges. It is important to CSS that all people continue to have access to high quality treatment in the future. Coordinating and integrating all the stakeholders is one of the key factors here.

Rethinking healthcare

The requirements placed on well-coordinated treatment are growing: the population is ageing, and chronic diseases are on the rise. Moreover, advancements in medical technology enable those with serious illnesses to live longer.

But the fragmented nature of the Swiss healthcare system creates major obstacles. Those who fall ill are referred from one treatment provider to another. There is often a lack of coordination. Furthermore, not everyone involved in the process has access to the medical and treatment data. All of this makes the healthcare system cumbersome and expensive. And it no longer meets the needs of today's patients.

Forms of collaboration need to be rethought and the continuous rise in healthcare costs must be brought under control.

Tomorrow’s healthcare system

The pioneering work we do for the healthcare system

As industry leader, CSS has long been committed to playing an active role in shaping the future of the healthcare system and moving integrated care forward.
CSS developed the first HMO model back in the 1990s. In 2020, we took another groundbreaking step by introducing the Multimed insurance model.

What form CSS's commitment takes

It's not only patients who benefit from our models and innovations – the whole Swiss healthcare system does too:

  • We give our clients the support they need to organise their own healthcare without complications.
  • By working even more closely with service providers, we reduce bureaucracy and incorrect treatment, thus improving treatment quality. And this also helps to curb rising costs.
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Mandatory health insurance

Cleverly combined

You decide whether to go to the Multimed family doctor or call the telemedicine hotline.

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