CSS aligns itself with the principles and practices of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Striking a long-term balance between these three dimensions is of crucial importance in this respect.

Our approach to sustainability


Financial sustainability refers to the long-term financial stability of CSS as a company. This secures its status as a key player in the healthcare market – and as a player whose basic mandate empowers it to contribute to Switzerland's gross domestic product and create jobs.


As a social insurer, CSS delivers social added value by protecting insured persons against financial risks, accompanying them as a health partner and affording them access to high-quality healthcare.


As part of an extensive ecosystem, the actions of CSS have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment. CSS strives for environmental sustainability and operates in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Our focus

Our commitment to sustainability focuses on five topics:

Sustainability at CSS

Corporate governance

CSS is committed to upholding the principles of good corporate governance, and takes care to maintain the right balance of power between management and supervisory bodies. This enables a value-based corporate culture which encourages sustainable business growth and the responsible management of risks and conflicts of interest.

Healthcare system

CSS advocates for a competitive healthcare system, with socially equitable and sustainable financing mechanisms and high standards of transparency, quality and digitalisation.

People and health

CSS accompanies its insured persons throughout their entire health journey. As a health partner, in addition to mandatory basic insurance and supple­mentary health insurance, it offers products and services related to health promotion, health management and health literacy.


CSS attaches great importance to fair pay, continuing professional training and development, modern working methods, and talent promotion. Values such as diversity and inclusion are firmly rooted in its corporate culture.

Environment and climate

CSS strives to minimise the negative consequences of its actions on the environment and climate, and to continuously reduce its ecological footprint.
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Corona Immunitas

We played a part in managing the pandemic.

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Your health partner

As a health partner, we are committed to leading a healthy life, actively taking steps to regain one's health and developing a mindful approach to illness.

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