Investing in start-ups that benefit our clients

Under its corporate venturing strategy, CSS invests in start-ups whose ideas move healthcare forward. Their new digital products and services should give our clients access to tomorrow’s medical care today.

Fresh ideas for the healthcare system

As the industry leader, we're an advocate of high quality, cost-efficient healthcare. Together with innovative start-ups, we want to rethink healthcare in a way that is even more integrated, explore the possibilities of new business models and give our clients early access to new treatment forms, products and services.

That’s why, in 2020, we became the first health insurer in Switzerland to enter into corporate venturing.

We invest in highly promising start-ups that help people stay healthy, actively become healthy or cope better with illness. Our focus is on digital solutions. This allows us to develop together with the external talent in a way that is agile and to bundle internal and external know-how for the benefit of our clients.

Corporate venturing – investing responsibly in the future

CSS invests in highly promising start-ups in order to promote tomorrow’s healthcare. For example, we use this financing option to develop new technologies and business models or discover new markets.

This means taking on calculated risks: We only invest if core funding has already been secured. Furthermore, we never take a stake of more than 20%. That way, we can invest in a number of young enterprises in different areas.

This rock-solid risk culture allows us to remain true to our values even in the fast-growing area of digital health.