Well: the digital health platform

The Well app connects various stakeholders from the Swiss healthcare system. Insured persons benefit in the form of personalised health services.

What is Well?

Well is a digital platform that connects insured persons with doctors, pharmacies, insurers and other medical service providers. It thus gives patients straightforward access to health-related offers.

CSS is a founding partner of Well. We have joined forces with partners from different areas of the health system for the first time to provide all-round healthcare for everyone living in Switzerland.

Promoting coordinated healthcare

Our clients are the main beneficiaries of this networking of individual stakeholders: they get ideally coordinated and connected healthcare as well as personalised health services.

Advantages for the healthcare system

  • The digital platform prevents patients from making unnecessary visits to the doctor.
  • Care pathways become easier for insured persons because all the service providers are connected.
  • Holding all the health information centrally in one place allows patients to manage their data and reduce the time and effort spent on administration.
  • Networking providers in this way helps make processes more efficient, thus reducing healthcare costs.

What the app offers

The Well app gives our clients easy access to health services. They can access quality-controlled health services that are tailored to their needs in just a few clicks, 24/7. For example, they can quickly and conveniently discuss their health problems in a tele-consultation, or carry out a symptom check and get a sound initial medical assessment of whether or not they need to see a doctor. The health glossary answers questions about medical conditions and is familiar with useful home remedies. And, if necessary, medication can be delivered directly to their home address.