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A health partner for everyone, in every situation in life

We accompany our clients as a health partner on their own personal journey. We help them to lead a healthy life, take active steps to regain their health and develop a mindful approach to illness.

Here for everyone throughout their entire health journey

CSS accompanies its clients throughout their entire health journey. We do everything we can to guarantee the best possible support and are committed to delivering all-round customer service, both through personal contact and digitally.

We work to give patients access to new forms of treatment and empower them to cope more effectively with their illness. And we show healthy clients innovative ways in which they can promote their health.

For a healthy life

By providing information and advice on all kinds of health-related issues, we help our clients to stay physically and mentally fit. We also have playful, fun ways of motivating them to look after their health on a day-to-day basis.

For active steps to regaining health

We help our clients who are ill or have medical questions to find their way through the maze and quickly get the answers they need. A comprehensive range of counselling services and advice is available to them, either through personal contact or digital interactions.

For a mindful approach to illness

Together with partners, we assist our clients through offers that supplement their medical treatment, thus helping them to cope with chronic diseases.

Health initiative from CSS

Healthy all year long

Healthier day-to-day living with active365 and enjoy365.

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