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CSS encourages continuous learning in the workplace. Our employees benefit from innovative learning formats covering a wide range of subjects. Our in-house learning culture enhances the employability of the people who work for us, while at the same time boosting the company's competitiveness as an employer.

Further development as specialist coach

As a specialist coach, Lavdije Latifi performs a hub function in the CSC.

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Grow with CSS

Thanks to CSS and his own ambitions, Maurus Zeier was able to steadily develop his career.

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IT experts fit for the future

Why the Head of Software Development is committed to their advancement.

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Work 4.0: digital cooperation
Work 4.0

Training opportunity for CSS employees entitled "Me in the World of Work 4.0"

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Lifelong learning

In the fast-changing world of work, we need to keep learning in order to keep up to date. Continuing professional development (CPD) is an essential feature of working life today. It's a principle we embraced long ago. As a progressive employer, we invest in continuous learning and in the professional and personal development of our employees. We enable them to take part in basic and advanced training that meets their needs and equips them with the professional skills they will require in the future.

As we're convinced that the best way for employees to learn and develop is to let them choose for themselves, we expect them to take personal responsibility for determining their development goals and needs.

We're a member of the "digital­switzerland" organisation and have signed the #LifelongLearning Pledge. In other words, our commitment to continuous lear­ning is both effective and enduring.

Digital transformation is changing the world

Our employees can take advantage of digital learning opportunities at CSS, ranging from the mobile learning app "Elever", with which they can improve their knowledge of CSS in a fun way, to the "Cosmos of Learning" platform with more than 1,800 learning units on a range of specialist subjects. In addition, speakers from inside and outside the company give numerous webinars in which they explain current topics and trends.

Moving forward together

We help our employees evaluate their careers and skills to date and determine the next steps in their development. This includes advising them on further training and the job situation in general.

In addition to taking digital courses, our employees also receive sound training in a particular area of expertise. Everyone joining CSS attends a one-day onboarding event. Then, depending on which area they work in, they take further courses, such as the basic course on the Federal Health Insurance Act or training on products. We also run German, French, Italian and English language courses.

We provide financial support and time off work for employees to attend external training courses.

What our employees say: Joël advanced from employee to team leader

At CSS, Joël advanced from employee to team leader. “My potential was recognised. That made me very happy.” (in german)
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Improve our customer satisfaction rates and internal processes by making suggestions.

Kickbox project
Or maybe you have an innovative idea that CSS could realise as a project or even as a spin-off?
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Works Committee
You also have the opportunity to get involved in the Works Committee.
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Join the rendez-femmes women's network or our sports and culture club.
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Individual development programme for employees in management positions

The faster the world moves, the more important leadership and guidance become. Our managerial staff serve as role models, inspiring others and pointing the way forward – whether personally or professionally. Developing employees in management positions is one of our top priorities.

We provide our managers with the assistance and support they need, allowing them scope for a change of perspective and motivating them to rethink leadership. We're really keen for them to reflect on how effective they are as leaders and to continue their development.

In addition, we support external leadership training courses and have joined forces with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts to champion an optimum mix of theory and practice under its CAS "Leadership Dual" module.