Annual Report

The annual report provides an overview of the past financial year of the CSS Group. In addition to the latest facts and figures, it also reports on the economic, social and environmental highlights of the past year.

2021 Annual Report (in German)

Result for the year 2021 – Client growth of almost 64,900 in basic insurance

In spite of the challenges faced in 2021, CSS can look back on a successful financial year: net earnings came to CHF 105.8 million, while premium income amounted to CHF 6.6 billion. As at 1 January 2022, CSS was able to welcome 64,891 new clients to its basic insurance business. The number of people it insures thus reached a new record high. With 1,513 million clients for basic insurance, CSS has consolidated its leading market position.

Thanks to its sustainable financial policy, CSS was still able to invest in innovations during the pandemic. It championed digital integrated care, for example, and developed Multimed, an insurance model that combines various primary healthcare points of contact and keeps electronic health records charting patients' histories. Multimed was launched throughout Switzerland in 2021. The digital platform Well, which CSS launched together with its partners last year, takes a similar approach. The app can be used to submit prescriptions, arrange doctor's appointments or get a second opinion.


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