Moodtalk: shaping future-proof team cultures


There’s always so much to be done in our daily working lives. Projects, processes and tasks constantly require our attention and form part of our team meetings. But it’s just as important for us to know how our teammates are doing. It affects the way we work together. That’s why some CSS teams are now working with Moodtalk.

Platform for team development

CSS has been working with Moodtalk, a company based in Uri, since 2022. Moodtalk is a team development platform designed to strengthen the culture of trust within a team by means of open and honest team discussions.

How does Moodtalk work?

An anonymous survey allows each member of the team to indicate how they are feeling at that precise moment. They do this by filling in a scale and naming particularly positive and negative topics. All of these answers serve as input for a team charter and show the current ‘team mood’. This overview then provides the basis for a meeting at which solutions are discussed.

Moodtalk delivers added value

Moodtalk is designed to strengthen the culture of trust in a team through open and honest team discussions. The digital platform is quick to point out areas where collaboration can be optimised, or where sensitivities exist, and forms the basis for regular team discussions. As a result, each team defines its own specific rules of collaboration in an individual team charter, changes are monitored and everything is reviewed regularly.

Employees talk about their experiences

CSS employees tell us in their own words how they experience working with Moodtalk.

Project involving apprentices

To support young people undergoing vocational education and training, Moodtalk has also been introduced specifically for apprentices. At the various Moodtalk sessions, we recognised that young people would like more support with issues such as ‘dealing with critical feedback’. These inputs are now purposefully being included in the training programme, where they are repeatedly addressed and reflected on. We also raise awareness among apprentices and empower them on ways to strengthen their resilience, but also on topics including exercise, healthy nutrition and availability.

We carry out the health survey every year among apprentices too, so we can identify where problems lie, tackle them and continually evaluate our offering. It’s really good to see that we are on the right path. But we need to stay on it.
Priska Duss, WHM manager/HR specialist

Commitment to mental health

The use of Moodtalk is primarily intended to strengthen collaboration within teams. It is based on the idea that the teams themselves should be able to solve many issues directly. At the same time, this also has an impact on the mental health of CSS employees. We’ve already gained a lot of interesting and successful experiences, and we’re convinced that we’re making a significant contribution to well-being in the workplace at CSS.

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