Supervision of supplementary insurance (FINMA)

Among other duties, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) supervises supplementary health insurance. It checks whether the proposed premiums are kept within reasonable limits, such that the solvency of the individual insurance institutions is guaranteed and the insured persons are protected against abusive practices. Insurers may only offer their products once FINMA has approved the premiums.

CSS recognises the importance of having a politically independent and transparent supervisory system. However, supplementary health insurance is supervised under stricter criteria than other forms of non-life insurance. CSS calls for equal treatment in this respect and rejects any more drastic interventions in the insurers' freedom of decision, which have an insufficient legal basis. It is committed to establishing operating conditions that allow enough room for individual and innovative insurance options. That is why CSS advocates narrowing the definition of abusive practices and scrapping or relaxing the preventive auditing of tariffs as part of the revision of the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG).