CSS learning programme wins two awards


With the digital fitness check, CSS employees can assess their basic digital skills and then take advantage of further learning opportunities. The check has not only impressed our own staff, but also the juries of two prestigious awards.

A fun way to check your skills

Smartphones, laptops and all kinds of software: our everyday lives are dominated by digitalisation. Without it, not much would be possible, both in our private and professional lives. It’s therefore important that each person identifies and upgrades their personal level of digital competence. With this as their mission, the CSS Learning department developed the digital fitness check.

Desktop and mobile application

The digital fitness check takes the form of a quiz, allowing users to test their basic digital skills and see where they need to make improvements. The quiz comprises a total of 165 questions, divided into various areas of expertise such as Microsoft Office tools, collaboration and digital infrastructure. The check can be used on both desktops and smartphones.

Professional development thanks to learning opportunities

The entire check can be carried out on the “Elever” learning app. Employees are already familiar with this app as it’s integrated into the CSS “Cosmos of Learning” platform. The platform offers courses and webinars on work-related topics at CSS as well as many other topics of interest.

Customised learning opportunities for employees

After taking the digital fitness check, staff members can benefit by continuing their individual learning programme to improve their personal digital skills. In addition, the app also offers them the chance to contact a coach who will help them identify how best to fill their knowledge gaps.

The digital fitness check was developed on the “Elever” platform. The check can be used on your desktop or smartphone.
Fabian Fischer, Head of Learning

Combination of learning and playing

The digital fitness check relies heavily on gamification, i.e. the combination of learning and playing, and features an avatar to support and encourage users when, for example, they answer three questions in a row incorrectly. But the avatar also cheers them on when they answer five questions in a row correctly. Users can also win badges that show them which skills they’re best at.

Two prestigious awards

Not only CSS employees were impressed by the digital fitness check, but two juries of prestigious awards too. The digital fitness check was honoured with the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award and the eLearning Award. The American Brand Hall Group has been presenting the coveted Excellence Awards across the world for over 30 years. The digital fitness check earned the top-level “Gold” rating in the “Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development” category.

CSS learning programme wins Brandon Hall Award

CSS learning opportunities: digital fitness check wins awards
Fabian Fischer, Head of Learning, displays the Brandon Hall Award, which CSS earned for the digital fitness check.

Honoured in the DACH region too

The eLearning Journal presents awards to the best projects in the DACH region. Not only did the digital fitness check win the eLearning award in the “Digital Competencies” category, but was also rated runner-up project of 2023.

These awards underline the priority given to lifelong learning at CSS.
Fabian Fischer, Head of Learning

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