The Well app Symptom Checker

Clear up questions regarding your health: check your symptoms, make a doctor's appointment, order medication and much more. It couldn't be easier – with the Well app.

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The advantages for you

  • Check symptoms and get an initial assessment and recommendation.
  • The Well app Assistant shows you exactly what to do when ill.
  • Tips and information about chronic medical conditions such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and more.
  • Find a pharmacy near you and book an appointment directly.
  • Free of charge for everybody with basic or supplementary insurance from CSS.

Good to know

Online pharmacy

Order medication online with an e-prescription.

Developed by experts

Developed in cooperation with medical professionals.

Records under control

Save your medical history to your own personal health dossier.

How the Well app works

It isn't always easy to find your way through the complex healthcare system. We help you do just that with the Well app. It guides you, helps you and gives you peace of mind.

Check your symptoms easily

Not feeling well? The Symptom Checker gives you an initial assessment in just a few minutes, and recommends whether a home remedy, medication or visit to the doctor will help.

Assistant helps when you’re ill

No matter what insurance model you have, the Well app’s “My Assistant” function lets you know exactly what to do and who to contact when you’re not feeling well. You can make calls directly from the Well app, arrange appointments and use other health-related services.

Easier, cheaper access to medication

With an e-prescription from your telemedicine doctor, you can have your medication delivered straight to your door in just a few clicks.

Find low-price generics

The Well app makes finding low-price generics easy. Various search functions and filtering options help to reduce healthcare costs. Your contact in medical matters at the practice or pharmacy will help you make the right decision.

Find a pharmacy

The easy way to find a suitable pharmacy near you. Find out what services are on offer, including vaccinations, allergy tests, heart health checks and blood pressure measurement, and book an appointment directly.

Personal dossier

You can save your medical history to your own personal health dossier. That way, you can keep track of all your treatments, medication and appointments. Upload documents yourself, or have them sent directly to the Well app. And the best thing is that your Well app belongs to you alone. Your data is stored securely, and you decide what information you wish to share with whom.

Manage medical documents digitally and securely.

Diseases explained simply

The health glossary also answers many questions about medical conditions in a way that is easy to understand, and helps you find useful home remedies.

Help with allergies

Pollen, foodstuffs, animals and more: the allergy guide provides important information about symptoms, causes and treatment. Book an allergy test at a pharmacy or use the Docfinder to search for the right allergist. You can save your allergy card in your Well dossier. 

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The Well app works on smartphones and tablets with iOS 12.0 and Android 5.1 or later operating systems.

Frequently asked questions

No. Well doesn't replace doctors, it just saves you the internet search, which can often be confusing. The digital guide is simply structured and quickly delivers clear information for patients.

Yes. The app meets all the standards on security and data protection. The health data belongs exclusively to the end users and cannot be viewed by anyone else without their consent. No health data is disclosed to insurance companies.

No. Well is an independent platform that is operated by Well Gesundheit AG. The Well app terms of use apply.

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