Swiss Alpine Club SAC

CSS is the SAC’s principal healthcare partner. A partnership we have been successfully nurturing for many years. Persons insured with CSS and SAC members benefit equally from this commitment.

For a healthy lifestyle

The aim of this partnership is to encourage people to spend time hiking in the Swiss mountains while also making them aware of the importance of taking care of their own bodies and the natural world around them. Because nature, mountain air and exercise make for the best relaxation and promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition to jointly publishing the “Hütten der Schweizer Alpen” (Swiss Mountain Huts) map – with the exclusive offer for persons insured with CSS – CSS supports various projects related to the SAC huts. It is also partner to the unique “Family holidays in SAC huts” package.

Benefits for SAC members and their families

The framework contract lets SAC members and members of their family living in the same household enjoy (until they reach AHV retirement age) attractive premium discounts on certain forms of supplementary insurance. Persons insured with CSS receive a financial contribution to their SAC membership it they are eligible for the Health Account Bonus.