CSS advocates as a health partner that all insured persons take responsibility for their health. This includes acting in a way that promotes health and taking preventive measures. CSS makes relevant products and services available to its insured persons. The federal government's activities should be restricted to its mandate in accordance with Art. 118 of the Federal Constitution, which covers the combating of communicable diseases, the use of foodstuffs, therapeutic products, narcotics, organisms, chemicals and items that may be dangerous to health, and protection against ionising radiation. In the field of health and accident insurance however, prevention is the responsibility of the insurers and the cantons. They maintain institutions that are de facto financed by premiums (Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Health, Swiss Council for Accident Prevention) and which implement and coordinate measures to promote health and to prevent occupational and non-occupational accidents and occupational diseases. As CSS sees it, prevention taxes financed by premiums must satisfy the requirement that the benefit to the insured persons of such measures can be proven and that the measures are directly related to the business of health insurance. Basically, insurers should not be deprived of the opportunity of giving their insured persons incentives to take voluntary prevention measures.