Outpatient tariff organisation

In the past, CSS has always adhered to the principle that there should be only two national tariff organisations for medical services: SwissDRG AG for inpatient care and another, newly founded organisation for outpatient care. In the summer of 2021, as part of the 1a package of measures to contain costs, the Swiss parliament decided to make the establishment of a tariff organisation for outpatient medical services compulsory. This tariff organisation will have an important role in ensuring that outpatient tariff structures are regularly updated and adapted as necessary in the future. All the tariff partners joined forces to found the Organisation für ambulante Arzttarife AG (OAAT AG, Organisation for Outpatient Medical Tariffs) on 15 November 2022. Now that curafutura has been admitted to SwissDRG AG as a full member (March 2023), the relevant partners are represented in both tariff organisations. The partners of OAAT AG mutually recognise the tariff structures of the former tariff organisations ats-tms AG (TARDOC) and solutions tarifaires suisses (outpatient case rates).

In 2023, the focus will be on drawing up the detailed concepts and building up OAAT AG. Separate requests for the approval of TARDOC and outpatient case rates will be submitted jointly by the end of 2023 at the latest. OAAT is expected to become fully operational in 2024, and the transfer of the tariff systems to OAAT will then be completed. ats-tms AG can subsequently be liquidated.

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