2022 Swiss National Jamboree

The Swiss National Jamboree took place again for the first time in 14 years, from 23 July to 6 August 2022. Goms in Valais welcomed 30,000 scouts for a week of fun and adventure on a site covering 170 hectares. As a health partner, CSS was part of the action, bringing the topic of "Balance" alive in a variety of ways.

CSS provided support as a health partner

The scouting experience at its finest: that's what the traditional Swiss National Jamboree, held in Goms (Valais) in summer 2022, celebrated. The numbers alone were impressive: 30,000 scouts, 37,000 visitors, a 170-hectare campsite. Attending in its role as health partner, CSS added to the overall success of the large-scale event.

Our contribution to the camp’s activities consisted of the roughly 250m2 "CSS Balance Garden", where we were able to show in a fun and entertaining way how important physical and mental equilibrium is to a healthy life.

The highlight of the CSS Balance Garden was the viewing platform, which was visible from far and wide. The platform was part of a "tensegrity" sphere: a complex, perfectly balanced structure made of wooden rods and steel ropes via which the platform could be reached by – well-secured – climbers.

Plenty of action and numerous helpers

Those preferring to keep their feet on the ground could test their skills building stone towers in the stone garden. Other activities included the 43 workshops in which experts taught the scouts how to use local plants to create ointments for injuries and ailments common to scouts. Yoga classes were held in which instructors demonstrated yoga exercises for physical and mental balance. And more than 8,000 scouts were able to burn their name onto a CSS wooden disc, making a decoration for their scout shirt. The programme was completed with stand-up paddling on the Geschiner lake.

During the jamboree, a total of 33 volunteers worked in the CSS Balance Garden, assisted by ten CSS apprentices.