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Corona Immunitas – strong together

CSS is playing an important part in overcoming the corona pandemic. It is providing CHF 2 million in support to the Corona Immunitas research programme run by the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+). By doing so, it is helping facilitate a quick return to normality.

Basis for crisis management

The COVID-19 crisis presents society, business and politics with unprecedented challenges. That's why the SSPH+, an inter-university faculty that brings together 12 Swiss universities, has launched the Corona Immunitas research programme. Researchers at SSPH+ have started carrying out questionnaires and antibody tests throughout Switzerland. The aim is to determine the extent of the spread of the corona virus and level of immunity in the population by gathering representative data. The results will serve as a key basis for deciding what measures are suitable and appropriate in handling the corona crisis and future pandemics.

Transmissibility between children and teachers

One example from this research programme is a study by the University of Zurich investigating how the coronavirus spreads among children and teachers in schools. Learn more from the following video plus two shows originally broadcast on Swiss TV:

Two students explain how the tests for research against the coronavirus work (video of the SSPH+)

CSS supports research programme

CSS has decided to provide this key project with CHF 2 million in financial support. By doing so, it is making a significant contribution to the total budget of CHF 15 million. Alongside CSS and the participating universities, the Federal Office of Public Health is also involved in the programme. Local findings should be available in the near future, while nationwide results are expected in December 2020.

Philomena Colatrella, CEO of CSS Insurance
As the country's largest basic insurer and a reliable health partner, CSS is determined to exercise its social responsibility and play a part in overcoming the corona pandemic. That's why we're supporting the Corona Immunitas research programme. The results of this research will provide a key basis for making decisions and designing measures in connection with the current crisis and the long-term response to COVID-19. This support is just one of the ways in which CSS demonstrates its long-term commitment to a strong healthcare system.
Philomena Colatrella, CEO of CSS Insurance