Brokers’ commissions

When it comes to acquiring new clients, CSS relies heavily on its own sales force. But it also works with brokers. In order to promote high quality and cost-effective advice, CSS is in favour of stepping up cooperation throughout the entire health insurance industry by means of a self-regulatory industry agreement for basic and supplementary insurance.

A new voluntary industry agreement regulating unwanted sales calls and brokers' commissions, which have been giving rise to discussions for years, has been in place since 1 January 2021, along with a supervisory committee set up by the industry itself. CSS has joined forces with the national industry associations curafutura and santésuisse in efforts to improve the quality of advice through the adoption of uniform standards and to limit the compensation of intermediaries for client acquisition in the OKP and VVG business. The CSS gives its unequivocal backing to this industry agreement and also supports the draft federal act on the regulation of insurance intermediaries, which seeks to make the industry agreement generally binding on all insurers. However, CSS feels that the adopted legislation goes too far – in particular, it resolutely opposes extending the rules to in-house employees, thus treating internal sales staff the same as external intermediaries. Excesses and unwanted phone calls are problems caused by external brokers and not in-house staff. As employees of CSS, they are already committed to the highest quality standards. Regulating internal sales staff means regulating an area in which there is no market failure. This is a clear case of overregulation, whose implementation will additionally present major challenges.

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